About BlocSoc

The idea for BlocSoc came to me when I was traveling. I was at a yoga class with my daughter and the studio yoga blocks were so dirty + smelly that not only did we NOT use them, we moved our mats to the other side of the studio in an attempt at distance. Then a light bulb went off....how about if I made an antibacterial, stretchy, washable, easy on/easy off cover for one of the most shared, sweated on, rarely cleaned props in a yoga studio—the yoga block?

A sock for the block. A BlocSoc.

Fast forward, many (many!) prototypes later, and we believe we have developed the perfect answer to shared studio yoga blocks. BlocSocs. Buy your own. Insist your studio get them. Give them to your fellow yogis. Then relax into your Cleaner Yoga Practice.

Like yoga, developing BlocSoc has been a journey. Today I am proud to share BlocSoc with you. I hope you will let me know what you think @yogablocsoc

Lisa Mariano, Founder