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A cleaner
YOGA practice



BlocSoc is a stretchy, form-fitting antibacterial cover for your yoga block. Slip it on the block; you are then assured a healthy relaxing practice. When done, remove it and toss BlocSoc in the wash.

Why BlocSoc?

The average person touches his or her face 18 times per hour, passing germs, from nose, to mouth, to eyes—to anything else they touch in a yoga class, like the most basic yoga prop—the yoga studio block. Let BlocSoc protect you.


BlocSoc :
easy to use

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"As a yoga teacher and studio owner, I know props get used regularly but cleaned rarely. Everyone knows about the block funk that plagues most studios. USING BlocSocs extendS the life OF studio props AND guaranteeS students a clean and hygienic experience, without the need to lug their own gear. Fear studio props no more!

Thanks BlocSoc!”

— Erica Jung, Yoga Guide, Studio Owner

pure hygenic genius

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Relax deeper into
your practice


Never worry again about using shared yoga studio blocks—just slip a BlocSoc on the yoga block to make it your own. Remove the BlocSoc after practice and toss in the wash. Shop now—